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  • SatConnect - 1

    Download speeds up to 50 Mbps - Data 100GB


    Standard Data may be slower during high-traffic periods - 2-year Contract - Service plan availability varies based on geographical area.

  • SatConnect - 2

    Download speeds up to 100 Mbps - 300 - 500 GB High-Speed Data


    2-Year Contract - Unlimited Standard Data - Free Professional Installation - 30 - day cancellation time

  • SatConnect - 3

    Download speeds up to 50 Mbps - Data 100GB


    Standard Data may be slower during high-traffic periods - 2-year Contract - Service plan availability varies based on geographical area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Satellite internet service is a valuable option for remote or rural areas. It has a latency challenge, which refers to the time data travels to and from the satellite in orbit. This results in higher ping, making it less ideal for online activities and gaming. Yet, new constellations promise to provide higher speeds and low latency.
You'll need a satellite dish installed at your location to access satellite internet. It communicates with a geostationary or low Earth orbit satellite in space. Satellite connection offers internet access, a viable option for remote and rural areas where cable or DSL services are unavailable.
Generally, satellite internet offers download speeds ranging from around 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. But upload speeds typically are slower. However, it's important to understand that satellite internet can have latency or lag due to long-distance data. It can affect real-time online gaming or online activities.
Satellite internet service can be slow for several reasons. First, the data has to travel a long distance from your satellite dish. This round-trip travel time is known as latency. It can cause delays in data transmission. Additionally, satellite internet has limited bandwidth and high demand in rural areas. It can lead to overload and slower speeds during peak usage times.
Satellite internet is the best option for internet service, especially for rural or remote areas. It can provide coverage virtually anywhere. On the other hand, DSL and fiber internet are unavailable in certain remote areas due to limited infrastructure. To check the availability of satellite internet service in your area, call +1(888)-499-5474 or enter your zip code here.

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